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Awasthi, Shanjana (HSC) (Associate Professor)

Using cutting-edge technologies and our body's natural host defense mechanisms, research is focused .

Ihnat, Michael A. (HSC) (Associate Professor)

The interest in our laboratory is pre-clinical drug development. We have two major current areas of .

Pereira, Anne (HSC) (Associate Dean of Research and Professor)

This laboratory invstigates the role of a novel inflammatory mediator known as CAP37. We focus on t.

Ungvari, Zoltan (HSC) (Faculty)

Animals Models of Aging, Mechanisms of Vascular Aging, Inflammation in Aging, Oxidative Stress, Angi.

Ali, Tauseef (HSC) (Faculty)

Dr. Ali was appointed as as a faculty member in 2009 in the Department of Medicine, Section of Diges.