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Faculty Listing

Mohammed, Altaf (HSC) (Faculty)

Pancreatic and Colorectal Cancers, Genomic Instability and Cancer Stem cells.

Houchen, Courtney W. (HSC) (Faculty)

Dr. Houchen's early research career lead him to become one of the first investigators to demonstrate.

Sureban, Sripathi M. (HSC) (Faculty)

I have a broad background in colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer and stem cells. As a postdoctoral .

Qu, Dongfeng (HSC) (Faculty)

Research Interests: Colon Cancer; Pancreatic Cancer; Inflammation and Cancer; Cancer stem cells; Ca.

Chandrakesan, Parthasarathy (HSC) (Faculty)

A) Molecular characterization of stem cells under normal condition and after injury. B) Functiona.