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Hornbrook, Roger (HSC) (Professor (Emeritus))

Hormonal and non-hormonal control of glycogen metabolism and hepatic gluconeogenesis. Mechanisms of.

Reinke, Lester A. (HSC) (Professor)

Alcoholic liver injury: Although a relationship between chronic alcohol abuse and liver injury has b.

Pento, Thomas (HSC) (Professor (Emeritus))


Basmadjian, Garo P. (HSC) (Professor (Emeritus))

Design, synthesis and animal evaluation of novel radiopharmaceuticals labeled with positron emitting.

Pereira, Anne (HSC) (Associate Dean of Research and Professor)

This laboratory invstigates the role of a novel inflammatory mediator known as CAP37. We focus on t.

Summers-Ables, Joy E. (HSC) (Faculty)

Library computing; information systems; information organization and management; information technol.

Standifer, Kelly M. (HSC) (Professor and Chair)

Research interests, ultimately, is to develop alternative therapeutic options (to morphine) for the .

Galbraith, Wendy K. (HSC) (Clinical Assistant Professor)

Enhancing the education and training experience required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) .

Hussain, Alamdar (HSC) (Assistant Professor)

My research interest primary focus is in the field of inhalation protein and peptide drug delivery. .

You, Youngjae (HSC) (Associate Professor)

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is an emerging tool for treating cancers that is selective and causes min.