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Faculty Listing

Ramesh, Rajagopal (HSC) (Professor)

Studies in my laboratory are mainly focused on novel gene-based therapeutics using viral and non-vir.

Liu, Yuechueng (HSC) (Associate Professor of Pathology)


Fung, Kar-Ming A. (HSC) (Associate Professor of Pathology)

Diagnostic pathology, particularly neuropathology, of human. Research with animal model and human t.

Gehrs, Bradley C. (HSC) (Assistant Professor)


Yu, Zhongxin (HSC) (Assistant Professor)

Pediatric pathology; Tumor pathology; renal pathology.

Marlar, Richard A. (HSC) (Professor)

Research Interests: Epidemiology of Venous Thromboembolism; Genomic and Proteomic Analysis for Ven.

Zhao, Lichao (HSC) (Assistant Professor)


Zhao, Joe Z. (HSC) (Professor)

Protein tyrosine kinases Protein tyrosine phosphatases Cell signaling Hematological diseases Mye.

Zuna, Rosemary E. (HSC) (Professor)

Gynecologic pathology HPV-associated carcinogenesis.

Kern, William F. (HSC) (Associate Professor)

Anatomic and Clinical Pathology with special interest in: Bone Marrow Pathology Lymph Node Path.