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Faculty Listing

Janknecht, Ralf G. (HSC) (Assistant Professor)

Our laboratory is interested in understanding how dysregulation of gene transcription leads to cance.

Ramesh, Rajagopal (HSC) (Professor)

Studies in my laboratory are mainly focused on novel gene-based therapeutics using viral and non-vir.

Zhang, Xin A. (Physiology-HSC) (Faculty)

Cell adhesion and cell migration play important roles in variety of physiological and pathologica.

Chandrakesan, Parthasarathy (HSC) (Faculty)

A) Molecular characterization of stem cells under normal condition and after injury. B) Functiona.

Slaton, Joel W (HSC) (Faculty)

Dr. Joel Slaton is a professor in the Department of Urology and Director of Urologic Cancer at the.

Fung, Kar-Ming A. (HSC) (Associate Professor of Pathology)

Diagnostic pathology, particularly neuropathology, of human. Research with animal model and human t.

Vega, Kenneth J (HSC) (Faculty)

Dr. Vega's research focuses on understanding factors leading to the development of Barrett's esophag.

Pant, Shubham (HSC) (Faculty)

GI Malignancies.

Dhanasekaran, Danny N. (HSC) (Professor)

My research is focused on defining the aberrant signaling mechanism underlying tumorigenesis, tumor .

Zhao, Joe Z. (HSC) (Professor)

Protein tyrosine kinases Protein tyrosine phosphatases Cell signaling Hematological diseases Mye.