Krishnamurthy Sekar

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Krishnamurthy Sekar


Sekar, Kris (HSC)

Department of:

College Of Medicine/Peds - Neonatology -Professor

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Madras Medical College, University of Madras, Madras, India   MD   1974
Pediatric Residency: Polyclinic Medical Center, Harrisburg, PA     1979
Pediatric Residency, Chief Resident: Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, DC     1981
Neonatology Fellowship: Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, DC     1983

Professional Interest/Expertise/Specializations:
Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine


Department of Pediatrics - OU Children's Physicians

Research Projects:

Thrasher Research Foundation

Selected Publications:

Nasal intermittent positive pressure ventilation after surfactant treatment for respiratory distress syndrome in preterm infants <30 weeks┬┐ gestation: a randomized, control tiral
2012    Ramanathan R, Sekar KC, Rasmussen M, Bhatia J, Soll R.
J of Perinatology doi
Mortality in Preterm Infants with Respiratory Distress Syndrome Treated with Poractant Alfa, Calfactant, or Beractant: A Retrospective Study
2011    R Ramanathan, J Bhatia, KC Sekar, FR Ernst
J Perinatol
Non-invasive Measurement of Local Tissue Perfusion and its Correlation with Hemodynamic Indices during the transition in term Infants
2011    Shahab Noori, MD, Benazir Drabu, MD, Michael McCoy, MS, ARNP and K C Sekar
J Perinatol
Effect of decreasing oxygen saturation on retinopathy of prematurity
2010    Tlucek PS, Corff KE, Bright B, Bedwell S, Sekar KC, Siatkowski RM
Chin Med J
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