Brian L Dela Cruz

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Brian L Dela Cruz


dela Cruz, Brian L. (HSC)
Clinical Instructor

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College Of Allied Health/Nutritional Sciences -Clinical Instructor

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American Dietetic Association -Member
Oklahoma Dietetic Association -Member


University of Oklahoma   B.S. Biochemistry   2001
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center   M.A. Nutritional Sciences   2009
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center   M.S. Nutritional Sciences   2011

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Selected Publications:

Optimizing chemotherapy: concomitant medication lists
2011    Hanigan M.H., dela Cruz B.L., Shord S.S., Medina P.J., Fazili J., Thompson D.M.
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Jan;89(1):114-9
Use of prescription and nonprescription medications and supplements by cancer patients during chemotherapy:questionaire validation
2008    Hanigan M.H., dela Cruz B.L., Thompson D. M., Farmer K.C., Medina P.J.
Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice, Sep; 14(3) 123-30
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