Kevin Rudeen

Contact Information:
Kevin Rudeen


Rudeen, Kevin (HSC)

Department of:

College Of Allied Health/Allied Health Dean's Office -Dean

Center of:


Utah State University, Logan, Utah   B.S.   1973
The University of Texas Health Science Center   Ph.D.   1977

Professional Interest/Expertise/Specializations:
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)/ Prevention Education, Allied Health Education, Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Health Literacy and Human Protections in Clinical Trials


Research Projects:

Midwest Regional Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention Training Center

Selected Publications:

Inhibitory control deficits in go/no-go performance of alcohol social drinkers: A model of sensory-event distributions and decision process.
2010    Espinoza-Varas, B. & Rudeen, K
Alcoholism Clinical & Experimental Research
Training center prevention effectiveness for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder interventions for health care providers in a Midwest region of the United States
2010    Rudeen, K., L Tenkku, M Mengel, E Barlet, B Schaefer, D Everard, and M Ohlemiller
Alcoholism Clinical & Experimental Research
Educating Health Professionals about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: FASD Regional Training Centers Consortium
2007    Alexander, M., E. Dang, R.L. Floyd, T.T. Sharpe, M.K. Weber, C. Szetela, R. Zoorob, D. Wedding, Y. Fry-Johnson, R. Levine, S. Powell, K. Mitchell, T. Rupp, K. Cook, M. Mengel, R. Pitt, S. Baillie, G. Guiton, M. O┬┐Connor, P. Blair, M. Stuber, S. Abudato, M. Brimacombe, B. Zimmerman-Bier, S. Braddock and K. Rudeen.
American Journal of Health Education
Knowledge and Attitudes about FAS, FASD, and Alcohol Use During Pregnancy by Occupational Therapists in the Midwest
2007    Rudeen, P.K., K. Cook, M.B. Mengel, D. Wedding, S. Braddock and M. Ohlemiller
Journal of Allied Health
A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Trial of Lessertia frutescens in Healthy Adults
2007    Johnson, Q., J. Syce, H. Nell, K. Rudeen and W.R. Folk
PLoS Clinical Trials
Midwest Family Physicians┬┐ Knowledge and Attitudes about FAS, FASD and Alcohol Use During Pregnancy
2006    Mengel, M., M. Ulione, K. Cook, D. Wedding, K. Rudeen, S. Braddock
Journal FAS International
Dietary supplementation of grape polyphenols to rats ameliorates chronic ethanol-induced changes in hepatic morphology without altering changes in hepatic lipids
1999    Sun, G.Y., J Xia, J. Xu, A.Y. Sun, B. Allenbrand, A. Simonyi , P.K. Rudeen and A.Y. Sun
J. Nutrition