Alamdar Hussain

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Alamdar Hussain


Hussain, Alamdar (HSC)
Assistant Professor

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College Of Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences -Assistant Professor

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Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Amarillo, TX   Ph.D. (Pharmaceutics)   2005
Kakatiya University, India, 2000.   B.S. - Pharmacy   2000

Professional Interest/Expertise/Specializations:
My research interest primary focus is in the field of inhalation protein and peptide drug delivery. I am currently investigating ways to improve absorption of drugs by non-invasive routes in the laboratory. I am also exploring and understanding the mechanisms of peptide and protein drug transport in vitro in cell culture models. Other research interest include: protein formulation, pre-clinical pharmacokinetics, pulmonary toxicity, mucociliary clearance, colonic drug delivery, and microencapsulation


Research Projects:

Selected Publications:

Complexation of poly-L-arginine with low molecular weight heparin enhances pulmonary absorption of the drug.
2008    Rawat A, Yang T, Hussain A, Ahsan F.
Pharm Res; 25(4): 936-948.
Positively charged polyethylenimines enhance nasal absorption of the negatively charged drug, low molecular weight heparin.
2006    Yang T, Hussain A, Bai S, Khalil IA, Harashima H, Ahsan F.
J Controlled Release; 115(3): 289-297
Indication of transytotic movement of insulin across human bronchial epithelial cells.
2006    Hussain A, Ahsan F.
J Drug Targeting; 14(4): 181-190
Inhaled insulin is better absorbed when administered as a dry powder compared to solution in the presence or absence of alkylglycosides.
2006    Hussain A, Majumder QH, Ahsan F.
Pharmaceutical Res; 23(1): 138-147
State of insulin self association does not affect its absorption from the pulmonary route.
2005    Hussain A, Ahsan F.
J Eur Pharm Sci; 25(2-3): 289-298
The vagina as a route for systemic drug delivery.
2005    Hussain A, Ahsan F.
J Controlled Release 2005; 103(2): 301-313
Cyclodextrins in nasal delivery of low molecular weight heparins: in vivo and in vitro studies.
2004    Yang T, Hussain A, Paulson J, Abbruscato TJ, Ahsan F.
Pharm Res; 21(7): 1127-1136
Absorption enhancers in pulmonary protein delivery.
2004    Hussain A, Arnold JJ, Khan MA, Ahsan F.
J Controlled Release; 94(1): 15-24
Pulmonary absorption of insulin mediated by tetradecyl-B-maltoside and dimethyl-B-cyclodextrin.
2003    Hussain A, Yang T, Zaghloul AA, Ahsan F.
Pharm Res; 20(10): 1551-1557
Development of a HPLC method for the determination of cyclosporin-A in rat blood and plasma using naproxen as an internal standard.
2003    Zabhloul AA, Hussain A, Khan MA, Ahsan F.
J Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis; 31(6): 1101-1110
Evaluation of sucrose esters as alternative surfactants in microencapsulation of proteins by the solvent evaporation method.
2003    Youan BBC, Hussain A, Nguyen NT.
AAPS PharmSci; 5(2): Article 22
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