Hariprasad Hari Gali

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Hariprasad Hari Gali


Gali, Hariprasad (HSC)
Research Assistant Professor

Department of:

College Of Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences -Research Assistant Professor

Center of:


University of Missouri   Ph.D. (Chemistry).   1999
University of Hyderabad, India   M.Sc.- Chemistry. University of Hyderabad, India.   1995
Osmania University, India   B.Sc. - Math, Physics, Chemistry   1993

Professional Interest/Expertise/Specializations:
The main research focus is to develop new Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) radiopharmaceuticals for molecular imaging applications. These new agents are designed to provide better biological properties, more accurate results, superior image quality, easy availability, and/or lower cost when compared to the radiopharmaceuticals that are currently used in the clinics.


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Research Projects:

Development of a fluorine-18 labeled radiopharmaceutical for the evaluation of renal function by PET
Development of a technetium-99m labeled radiopharmaceutical for imaging tumor angiogenesis by SPEC
A radiopharmaceutical kit for PET renography. OCAST 9/1/2013-8/31/2016
NCI PREVENT program contract, 5/1/13 - 9/20/14
A Radiopharmaceutical Kit for PET Renography (OCAST)

Selected Publications:

A Novel Retro-inverso Peptide Inhibitor Reverses Angiotensin Receptor Autoantibody-induced Hypertension in the Rabbit
2015    Li H, Kem DC, Zhang L, Huang B, Liles C, Benbrook A, Gali H, Veitla V, Scherlag BJ, Cunningham MW, Yu X.
A "Dose on Demand" Biomarker Generator for Automated Production of {18F}F- and {18F}FDG
2014    Awasthi V, Watson J, Gali H, Matlock G, McFarland A, Bailey J, Anzellotti A
Elsevier - ScienceDirect
Evaluation of 99mTc-probestin for imaging APN expressing tumors by SPECT
2013    Pathuri G, Hedrick AF, Awasthi V, Ihnat MA, Gali H
Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.
Early Detection and Prevention of Pancreatic Cancer: Use of Genetically Engineered Mouse Models and Advanced Imaging Technologies
2012    Mohammed A, Janakiram NB, Lightfoot S, Gali H, Awasthi V and Rao CV
Curr. Med. Chem
Synthesis and Biodistribution Studies of Technetium-99m-labeled Aminopeptidase N Inhibitor Conjugates
2012    Pathuri G, hedrick AF, Disch BC, Ihnat MA, Awasthi V, Gali H.
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters
Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Tc-99m Labeled Probestin Conjugates for Imaging APN/CD13 Expression in vivo.
2012    Ihnat MA, Awasthi V, Gali H.
Bioconjugate Chem
Sing-step Radiosynthesis and in vivo Evaluation of a Novel Fluorine-18 Labeled Hippurate for use as a PET Renal Agent.
2012    Pathuri G, Hedrick AF, Awasthi V, Gali H.
Nucl Med Biol
"In vitro and in vivo comparison of human escherichia coli heat-stable peptide analogues incorporating the [111]in-DOTA group and distinct linker moieties."
   Giblin MF, Gali H, Sieckman GL, Owen NK, Hoffman TJ, Forte LR, Wolkert WA.
Bioconjugate Chem; 15:872-880
"Novel series of [111]In-labeled bombesin analogs as potential radiopharmaceuticals for specific targeting of gastrin-releasing peptide receptors expressed on human prostate cancer cells."
   Hoffman TJ, Gali H, Smith CJ, Sieckman GL, Hayes DL, Owen NK, Volkert WA.
J Nucl Med; 44:823-831
"Chemical synthesis of Escherichia coli STh analogs by regioselective disulfide bond formation: Biological evaluation of an [111]In-DOTA-Phe19--STh analog for specific targeting of human colon cancers."
   Gali H, Sieckman GL, Hoffman TJ, Owen NK, Mazuru DG, Forte LR, Volkert WA.
Bioconjugate Chem; 13:224-231
"Synthesis, characterization and labeling with [99m]Tc/[188]Re of peptide conjugates containing a dithio-bisphosphine chelating agent."
   Gali H, Hoffman TJ, Sieckman GL, Owen NK, Katti KV, Volkert WA.
Bioconjugate Chem; 12:354-363.
"Design and development of the first peptide-chelating bisphosphine conjugate via a novel carboxylate functionalized phosphorus(III) hydride."
   Gali H, Karra SR, Reddy SV, Katti KV.
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl.9; 38:2020-2023
"Meso-substituted octabromoporphyrins: Synthesis, spectroscopy, electrochemistry and electronic structure."
   Gali H, Dahal S, Maiya BG
J. Chem. Soc. Dalton Trans. 1996; 3429-3436
A Novel Retro-inverso Peptide Inhibitor Reverses Angiotensin Receptor Autoantibody-induced Hypertension in the Rabbit.
   Li H, Kem DC, Zhang L, Huang B, Liles C, Benbrook A, Gali H, Veitla V, Scherlag BJ, Cunningham MW and Yu X.
Hypertention 2015, 65, 0000.
Synthesis and In Vivo Evaluation of Gallium-68 Labeled Glycine and Hippurate Conjugates for PET Renography.
   Pathuri G, Hedrick AF, January SE, Galbraith WK, Awasthi V, Arnold CD, Cowley Jr BD, and Gali H.
J. Label. Compd. Radiopharm. 2015, 58, 14-19
Rold of (Drug) Transporters in Imaging in Health and Disease
   Stieger B, Unadkat JD, Prasad B, Langer O, and Gali H.
Drug Metab. Dispos. 2014, 42, 2007-2015
Evaluation of 99mTc-probestin SPECT as a Novel Technique for Noninvasive Imaging of Kidney Aminopeptidase N Expression.
   Pathuri G, Madka V, Hedrick AF, Lightfoot SA, Awasthi V, Cowley Jf, BD, Rao V and Gali H
Mol. Pharm. 2014, 11 2948-2953.
"Cationic fullerenes are effective and selective antimicrobial photosensitizers."
   Tegos GP, Demidova TN, Arcila-Lopez D, Lee H, Wharton T, Gali H, Hamblin MR.
Chem Biol; 12:1127-1135
In vitro and in vivo evaluation of [111]In-Labeled E. Coli heat-stable enterotoxin analogs for specific targeting of human breast cancers.
   Giblin MF, Gali H, Sieckman GL, Owen NK, Hoffman TJ, Volkert WA, Forte LR.
Breast Cancer Res Treat; 98:7-15
Functionalized fullerenes mediate photodynamic killing of cancer cells: Type I versus Type II photochemical mechanism.
   Mroz P, Pawlak A, Satti M, Lee H, Wharton T, Gali H, Sarna T, Hamblin MR.
Free Radical Biol Med 43: 711-719.
Renogram comparison of p-[18F]fluorohippurate with o-[125I]iodohippurate and [99mTc]MAG3 in normal rats.
   Pathuri G, Sahoo K, Awasthi V, Gali H.
Nucl Med Commun; 32: 908-912
Synthesis and in vivo evaluation of p-18F-fluorohippurate as a new radiopharmaceutical for assessment of renal function by PET.
   Awasthi V, Pathuri G, Agashe HB, Gali H.
J Nucl Med; 52(1): 147-153
Synthesis and in vivo evlauation of Tc-99m-labeled cyclic CisoDGRC peptide conjugates for targeting {alpha}v{beta}3 integrin expression.
   Pathuri G, Sahoo K, Awasthi V, Gali H.
Bioorg Med Chem Lett; 20: 5969-5972
Radiosynthesis and in vivo evaluation of a F-18-labeled pancreatic islet amyloid inhibitor.
   Pathuri G, Agashe HB, Awasthi V, Gali H.
J Label Compd Radiopharm; 53(4): 186-191
Feasibility evaluation of detecting hydroxymethylphosphine oxide in vivo by [31]P-MRS.
   Doblas S, Pathuri G, Towner RA, Gali H.
Int J Biomed Sci; 6: 228-232