Darrin R. Akins

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Darrin R. Akins


Akins, Darrin R. (HSC)
Associate Dean

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College Of Medicine/Department of Medicine -Associate Dean
College Of Medicine/Microbiology & Immunology -Professor

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University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, TX   Ph.D.   1995
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX   B.A.   1987

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Dr. Darrin Akins laboratory is focused on identifying molecules that could be used to develop a vaccine for Lyme disease. Lyme disease is the most common infection transmitted by ticks to humans in the United States and a vaccine for this debilitating disease is a public priority. Dr. Akins' laboratory has been identifying novel outer surface proteins from the organism that causes this disease so that they can be used in the future to prevent Lyme disease or improve diagnostic strategies for identifying patients afflicted with this disease.


Microbiology Website, Dr. Akins
OK-INBRE Website

Research Projects:

Selected Publications:

The role of Borrelia burgdorferi outer surface proteins
2012    Kenedy MR, Lenhart TR, Akins DR
FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol.
Characterization of unique regions of Borrelia burgdorferi surface-located membrane protein
2010    Yang, X., T. R. Lenhart, T. Kariu, J. Anguita, D. R. Akins, and U. Pal.
Infection and Immunity
CspA-Mediated Binding of Human Factor H Inhibits Complement Deposition and Confers Serum Resistance in Borrelia burgdorferi
   Kenedy, M. R., S. R. Vuppala, C. Siegel, P. Kraiczy and D. R. Akins
Infection and Immunity
Borrelia burgdorferi locus BB0795 encodes a BamA ortholog required for growth and efficient localization of outer membrane proteins
   Lenhart, T. R., and D. R. Akins
Molecular Microbiology
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