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Contact Information:
Hiroshi Yamada


Yamada, Hiroshi (HSC)

Department of:

College Of Medicine/Medicine Hematology/Oncology -Assistant Professor of Research

Center of:


Kyoto University   PhD Biophysics/Molecular Genetics  
OUHSC-OMRF   Post-doctoral Cell Biology  
AECOM   Post-doctoral Cell Biology  

Professional Interest/Expertise/Specializations:
Oncology Cell Biology Chemotherapy Drug Action (especially anti-mitotic drugs) Chemotherapy Improvement Strategy


Research Projects:

Selected Publications:

Haploinsufficiency of SGO1 results in deregulated centrosome dynamics, enhanced chromosomal instability and colon tumorigenesis
2012    H.Y.Yamada, Y.Yao, X.Wang, Y.Zhang. Y.Huang, W.Dai and C.V. Rao
Cell Cycle
TRRAP/TIP60 complex (Human NuA4 complex) and cancer, Colorectal Cancer Biology - From Genes to Tumor (ISBN 979-953-307-252-3)
2011    H.Y. Yamada

Genes that modulate the sensitivity for anti-microtubule drug-mediated chemotherapy
2010    H.Y.Yamada and C.V. Rao
Current Cancer Drug Target, 10(6):623-33
Enhanced genomic instabilities caused by deregulated microtubule dynamics and chromosome segregation: a perspective from genetic studies in mice
2009    C.V. Rao, H.Y. Yamada, Y. Yao and W. Dai
Carcinogenesis, 30(9):1469-74
Brd8 is a chemosensitizing target for spindle poisons in colorectal cancer therapy
2009    H.Y.Yamada and C.V. Rao
International Journal of Oncology, 35: 1101-1109
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