George L. Dale

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George L. Dale


Dale, George L. (HSC)

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College Of Medicine/Medicine Hematology/Oncology -Professor

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University of California, Los Angeles, CA   PhD Biochemistry   1975
City of Hope Medical Center, Duarte, CA   Post-Doctoral Fellowship   1977

Professional Interest/Expertise/Specializations:
Platelet function in stroke


Research Projects:

Selected Publications:

Coated-platelet levels may explain some variability in clinical phenotypes observed with severe hemophilia
2010    Saxena K, Pethe K and Dale GL
Journal Thrombosis Haemostasis 8:1140-1142
Lower coated-platelet levels are associated with early hemorrhagic transformation in patients with non-lacunar brain infarction
2010    Prodan CI, Stoner JA, Cowan LD and Dale GL
Journal Thrombosis Haemostasis 8:1185-1190
Coated-platelets in ischemic stroke: Differences between lacunar and cortical stroke
2008    Prodan CI, Joseph PM, Vincent AS and Dale GL
Journal Thrombosis Haemostasis 6:609-614
Coated-platelets: An emerging component of the procoagulant response
2005    Dale GL
Journal Thrombosis Haemostasis 3:2185-2192
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