Mark L Lang

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Mark L Lang


Lang, Mark L. (HSC)
Associate Professor

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College Of Medicine/Microbiology & Immunology -Assistant Professor

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University of Dundee, Scotland   Ph.D.   1998

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Dr. Lang and his team are researching the development and maintenance of antibody-mediated immunity also known as humoral immunity. The major focus is on mechanisms by which a specialized subset of T cells known as natural Killer-like T cells (NKT) are activated and in turn boost long-term humoral immunity. The laboratory has two specific goals: (i) understand the mechanisms by which NKT cells regulate long-term humoral immunity, (ii) apply the knowledge to develop novel vaccine strategies against pathogenic bacteria and viruses.


Microbiology Website, Dr. Lang

Research Projects:

Selected Publications:

CD40L-null NKT cells provide B cell help for specific antibody responses
2011    H.B. Shah, S.K. Joshi, and M.L. Lang
Regulation of anthrax toxin-specific antibody titers by Natural Killer T cell-derived IL-4 and IFN┬┐
2011    T.S. Devera, S.K. Joshi, L.M. Aye, G.A. Lang, J.D. Ballard and M.L. Lang
Reduction of CD1d expression in vivo minimally affects NKT-enhanced Ab production but boosts B cell memory
2011    G.A. Lang, A.M. Johnson, T.S. Devera, S.K. Joshi, and M.L. Lang
International Immunology
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NKT, anthrax, bioterrorism,