Celeste R. Wirsig-Wiechmann

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Celeste R. Wirsig-Wiechmann


Wirsig, Celeste R. (HSC)
Associate Professor

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College Of Medicine/Cell Biology -Associate Professor

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OK Center for Neurosciences -Member


University of Florida   PhD  

Professional Interest/Expertise/Specializations:
My research interests involve the modulation of sensory systems, particularly the olfactory system, by the sex hormone, gonadotropin releasing hormone, GnRH. GnRH is found in three separate developmentally-derived and anatomically-located groups of neurons in the brain. My focus has been on the rostral-most group located in the nasal cavity and forebrain. We have found that this system, called the terminal nerve, releases GnRH into the nasal cavity to modulate the sense of smell. We are interested in determining the exact function of this system as it relates to the behavior and survival of the animal, especially as to its reproductive capabilities.


Research Projects:

Selected Publications:

Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Modulates Vomeronasal
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Innervation of the naris constrictor muscle in tiger salamanders: an immunocytochemical study.
2002    Wirsig-Wiechmann, C.R. and Ebadifar, B.
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Innervation of the naris constrictor muscle in tiger salamanders: a tracing study using biocytin.
2002    Wirsig-Wiechmann, C.R. and. Holliday, K.R.
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The terminal nerve ganglion projects to the olfactory mucosa in the dwarf gourami.
2002    Wirsig-Wiechmann, C.R. and Oka, Y.
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Brain Research Interactive
The vole retina is a target for gonadotropin-releasing hormone.
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Brain Research