(Kent) Roger Roger Hornbrook

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(Kent) Roger Roger Hornbrook


Hornbrook, Roger (HSC)
Professor (Emeritus)

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College Of Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences -Professor (Emeritus)

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School of Medicine, The University of Michigan   PhD (Dept. of Pharmacology)   1963

Professional Interest/Expertise/Specializations:
Hormonal and non-hormonal control of glycogen metabolism and hepatic gluconeogenesis. Mechanisms of tissue damage by drugs which affect microsomal and mitochondrial metabolism. Mechanisms of liver damage by halogenated hydrocarbons and other toxins


Research Projects:

Selected Publications:

Effect of age and carbon tetrachloride on cytokine concentrations in rat liver
   Rikans, LE, DeCicco, LA, Hornbrook, KR and Yamano, T
Mech. Ageing Dev. 108: 173-182
Serum and liver concentrations of tumor necrosis factor-a and interleukin-1ß following administration of carbon tetrachloride to male rats.
   DeCicco, L.A., Rikans, L.E., Daniels, C.G. and Hornbrook, K.R.:
Toxicol. Letts. 98: 115-121
Aged mice are esistant to the hepatotoxic effects of endotoxin and galactosamine.
   Hornbrook KR, Kosanke SD, Rikans LE.
Exp. Mol. Pathol. 1993; 59:27-37
Age-associated increase in ferritin content of male rat liver: Implication for diquat-mediated oxidative injury.
   Rikans, L.E., Ardinska, V. and Hornbrook, K.R.:
Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 344: 85-93
Age and gender differences in hepatic ascorbic acid concentrations and NADPH-dehydroascorbic acid reductase activity.
   Rikans LE, Lopez TR, Hornbrook KR.
Mech Ageing Dev; 91:165-169.
Thiol-disulfide exchange systems in liver of aging Fischer 344 rats.
   Rikans, L.E. and Hornbrook, K.R.:
Gerontology 44: 72-77
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