Robert M. Hamm

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Robert M. Hamm


Hamm, Robert M. (HSC)

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College Of Medicine/Family Medicine -Professor

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Princeton University   Psychology   1972
Harvard University   PhD - Experimental Psychology   1979

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As a cognitive psychologist in a family medicine department, I have expertise in research directed toward judgments and medical decision making in the context of diverse helping settings, and have used a variety of methods to describe experts¿ thinking and problem solving, including multivariate modeling for within subject and between subject designs. My responsibilities as the director of the Clinical Decision Making Program in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine include research and teaching on both (1) how medical decisions ought to be made (decision analysis, cost effectiveness analysis), and (2) how medical decisions actually are made (the psychology of decision making on the part of both doctors and patients). My theoretical writing focuses on the implications of cognitive psychology's model of expert use of knowledge for understanding medical decision making, in the context of pattern recognition and scripts. I have directed two major multiyear multi-employee research projects, on balance sheets for informing men about prostate cancer screening and on women¿s interpretation of high risk HPV results on cervical cancer screening. I have analyzed my own data, and supervised a master¿s thesis, concerning stages of behavioral change and expectancy valence theories of patient health behavior. I am an Associate Editor of Medical Decision Making and hence I review papers using a vast range of decision analytic and modeling techniques as well as papers on the psychology of medical decision making.


Research Projects:

Selected Publications:

A measure of control.
2011    Stalmeier PF, Hamm RM
Medical Decision Making
Awareness of diagnosis and knowledge of HPV in women patients: data from a multi-site study.
2010    3. McCree DH, Daley EM, Gorbach PM, Hamm RM, Sharpe PA, Brandt HM, McFarlane M, Kerndt P, McDermott RJ, Perrin KM, St. Lawrence JS.
American Journal of Health Education
The law of diminishing returns in clinical medicine: how much risk reduction is enough?
2010    Mold JW, Hamm RM, McCarthy LH
Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine
Assessing changes in medical student attitudes toward non-traditional human sexual behaviors using a confidential audience response system.
2010    Tucker P, Candler C, Hamm RM, Smith EM, Hudson JC
Sex Education
A comparison of different tutorial materials for teaching chest pain diagnosis.
2009    Hamm RM, Fetters NL, Mui JW, Li Y, Papa FJ, and Aldrich DG
Journal of Physician Assistant Education
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