Zsolt F. Nagykaldi

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Zsolt F. Nagykaldi


Nagykaldi, Zsolt F. (HSC)

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College Of Medicine/Family Medicine -Associate Professor

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Semmelweis University of Medicine School of Pharmacy   BS in Pharmacy   1996
University of Oklahoma HSC College of Medicine   Cellular Electrophysiology & Pharmacology   1999
Semmelweis University of Medicine Doctoral School   PhD in Pharmacology   2000
University of Oklahoma HSC School of Public Health   Master¿s Level Courses in Public Health and Health Services Research   2009

Professional Interest/Expertise/Specializations:
I am an Assistant Professor of Research in the Department of Family & Preventive Medicine at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. I am also the Network Coordinator of the Oklahoma Physicians Resource/Research Network (OKPRN). I hold a BS in pharmacy and a PhD in pharmacology. I recently participated in a two-year Masters-level Public Health and Health Services Research K08 didactic curriculum. Since 2001, I have been working closely with primary care clinicians throughout Oklahoma to improve the quality and safety of primary care and to extend our knowledge through practice-based research. I participated in a number of research and quality improvement projects as PI, co-PI, or key participant, particularly in the area of preventive services delivery, chronic disease management, health information technology (HIT), and the implementation of HIT in primary care settings. Partnering with clinicians, I developed over a dozen HIT systems and applications that helped improve preventive care and chronic disease management nationally. I have also been involved closely in the creation of public-private partnerships, enhancement of pandemic preparedness, promotion of primary care practice facilitation approaches, and dissemination of practice re-engineering methods nationally. I published and presented extensively on these topics. I am a regular reviewer for several primary care peer-reviewed journals and member of various study sections at AHRQ and CIHR. My current work includes the development and testing of a novel prospective care delivery system through a patient Wellness Portal and a new-generation web-based health risk appraisal tool.


Research Projects:

Using Health Risk Appraisal to Prioritize Primary Care Interventions
Impact of a Wellness Portal on the Delivery of Patient-Centered Prospective Care
Using Health Information Technology to Improve Healthcare Quality in Primary Care Practices and in Transitions Between Care Settings

Selected Publications:

Engaging Patients and Clinicians Through a Wellness Portal to Improve the Health of Oklahomans.
2010    Nagykaldi ZJ, Chou AF, Aspy CB, Mold JW
Improving the Rate and Quality of Medicaid Well Child Care Exams in Primary Care Practices.
2010    Smith KD, Turner CD, Merchen E, Vaught C, Fritz T, Nagykaldi Z, Mold JW.
Patient-Physician E-mail Communication Revisited A Decade Later: An OKPRN Study.
   Smith KD, Merchen E, Turner CD, Vaught C, Nagykaldi Z, Aspy C, Mold J
Promoting Patient-Centered Preventive Care Using a Wellness Portal: Preliminary Findings. Journal of Primary Care and Community Health
   Chou AF, Nagykaldi Z, Aspy CB, Mold JW.
Journal of Primary Care and Community Health
Patient Self-Management Through Telephony and Web Technologies In Seasonal Influenza. Informatics in Primary Care
   Nagykaldi Z, Calmbach W, DeAlleaume L, Temte, J, Mold J, Ryan, J
Informatics in Primary Care
Impact of a Wellness Portal on the Delivery of Patient-Centered Preventive Care.
   Nagykaldi Z, Aspy CB, Chou AF, Mold JW
J Am Board Fam Med (In Press)
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