Fengxia Qi

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Fengxia Qi


Qi, Felicia (HSC)

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College Of Medicine/Microbiology & Immunology -Professor

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University of California, Davis   Ph.D.   1990

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The research interests of Dr. Qi's lab have focused on the molecular mechanism of interspecies interactions in the human infection associated biofilms, using the human oral microbiome as a model. The focus of her laboratory centers on two questions: 1)how do different species interact to maintain an ecological balance? And 2)how do the bacterial species keep the yeast in check?


Microbilogy Website, Dr. Qi

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Selected Publications:

Differential Response of Streptococcus mutans towards Friend and Foe in Mixed Species Cultures.
   Liu J, Wu C, Huang IH, Merritt J, Qi F
Genetic transformation of Veillonella parvula
   Liu, J., J. Merritt, and F. Qi
Microbiol. Lett
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