Jens Kreth

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Jens Kreth


Kreth, Jens (HSC)
Assistant Proffessor

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College Of Medicine/Microbiology & Immunology -Assistant Proffessor

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University of Osnabrueck   Ph.D.  

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Dr. Kreth studies the complex interactions between members of the oral biofilm. Under healthy conditions the commensal oral flora maintains a beneficial homeostatic state protecting the host from diseases like caries. Host behavior and environmental conditions can promote a shift in the microbial composition of the oral biofilm. More pathogenic bacteria are able to increase in numbers and an overall decline in species diversity can be observed. On the molecular level, bacteria maintain the ecological balance by diverse interactions, both antagonistic and synergistic. The Kreth lab aims to identify and characterize the molecular details of these interactions to better understand disease development.


Microbiology Website, Dr. Kreth
Kreth Lab Website

Research Projects:

Selected Publications:

Catabolite control protein A (CcpA) controls hydrogen peroxide production and cell death in Streptococcus sanguinis
2011    Zheng L., Chen Z., Itzek A., Ashby M.T., Kreth J.
J Bacteriol
Oxygen dependent pyruvate oxidase expression and production in Streptococcus sanguinis.
2011    Zheng L., Itzek A., Chen Z., Kreth J.
Int J Oral Sci
"Characterization of competence and biofilm development of a Streptococcus sanguinis endocarditis isolate.
2011    Zhu L., Zhang Y., Fan J., Herzberg M.C., Kreth J.
Mol Oral Micro;jsessionid=C9DDA233D9C3D0CD887542F54804FA2A.d02t02
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