Susan B Sisson

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Susan B Sisson


Sisson, Susan B. (HSC)
Assistant Professor

Department of:

College Of Allied Health/Nutritional Sciences -Assistant Professor

Center of:


University of Central Oklahoma   B.S. Kinesiology and Health Studies   2000
University of Oklahoma   M.S. Exercise and Health Promortions   2003
Arizona State University   Ph.D. Exercise and Wellness   2006
University of South Carolina   Post-Doctoral Fellow   2007
Pennington Biomedical Research Center   Post-Doctoral Fellow   2009

Professional Interest/Expertise/Specializations:
ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist, since 2001 NCHEC Certified Health Education Specialist, since 2007 Registered Dietitian


Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity Laboratory(BNPAL)

Research Projects:

Child Care Influence on Health Outcomes in American Indian Preschoolers
Obesogenic Environment of Child Care Centers and Child Health
Sitting vs. Light Activity and Cardiovascular Disease: Influence of High Fat Meal
Assessment of Obesogenic Policies in Oklahoma Child Care Centers
Family and Child Care Intervention Development to Improve Diet and Physical Activity

Selected Publications:

Influence of Family Structure on Obesogenic Behaviors of American Children: National Survey of Children┬┐s Health 2007
2014    Sisson, S.B., Sheffield-Morris, A., Spicer, P., Lora, K., Latorre, C.
Preventive Medicine, 61: 48-53.(2014)
What's for Lunch? An Analysis of Oklahoma Child Care Menus.
2014    Frampton, A.M., Sisson, S.B., Campbell, J.E., Horm, D.M.
Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 114 (1367-1374).
How Did the TV Get in the Bedroom? Analysis of Family Interviews
2012    Crowder, J., Sisson, S.B., Ramey, E.S., Sellmeyer, A.S., DeGrace, B., Richardson, S., Arnold, S.
Preventive Medicine, 55(6) 623-628.
TV viewing and Energy Intake in Children and Adults in the United States
2012    Sisson, S.B., Broyles, S.T., Robledo, C, Boeckman, L. Leyva, M.
Public Health Nutrition, 15(4) 609-617
Television, Reading, and Computer Time: Correlates of Leisure Time Sedentary Behavior and Relationship with Obesity in Children in the U.S
2011    Sisson, S.B., Broyles, S.T., Baker, B., Katzmarzyk, P.T.
Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 8(Suppl 2), S188-S197
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