Salman Nusrat

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Salman Nusrat


Nusrat, Salman (HSC)

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College Of Medicine/Medicine - Gastroenterology -Assistant Professor

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Other Organization:

Section of Digestive Diseases and Nutrition -Associate Program Director, GI Fellowship


Dow Medical College, Pakistan   M.B.B.S.   2007
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA   Residency   2012
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Gastroenterology   Fellowship   2015

Professional Interest/Expertise/Specializations:
He has a special interest in functional and motility disorders of the GI tract. During his training he was fortunate to be able to spend dedicated time working with internationally renowned authorities in the field such as Dr. Klaus Bielefeldt. He has published multiple papers in peer reviewed journals and received funding for his research on functional bowel disorders. He serves on the editorial board of "Annals of Nutritional Disorders and Therapy" and serves as a reviewer for Journal of Neurogastroenterology, Digestive Diseases and Sciences, and Diseases of the Esophagus. He does maintain a general GI practice and performs routine endoscopic procedures but specializes in procedures required for diagnosis and management of complex functional bowel disorders. His chapter on Evaluation of Esophageal Sensation he wrote in the Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Clinics of North America, speaks of his expertise in the area.


Department of Internal Medicine/Faculty Listing
Internal Medicine/Digestive Diseases-Faculty Listing

Research Projects:

08/2013-Present University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma Role: Co-PI, PI: Mohammad F. Madhoun Our retrospective analysis of a large number of patients helped better define the impact chronic opioid use on colonoscopy outcomes like duration, sedation and adverse events.
08/2013 - Present University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma Role: Principal Investigator Mentor: Mohammad Madhoun, MD We hypothesis use of diphenhydramine will decrease the amount of fentanyl and midazolam used during colonoscopy and will decrease the duration the procedure and the number adverse effects.

Selected Publications:

Effective Constipation Treatment Changes More Than Bowel Frequency: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
2016    Bielefeldt K, Levinthal DJ, Nusrat S
J Neurogastroenterol Motil. 2016 Jan 31;22(1):31-45. PMID: 26717930
The impact of chronic opioid use on colonoscopy outcomes.
2015    Nusrat S, Mahmood S, Bitar H, Tierney WM, Bielefeldt K, Madhoun MF
Dig Dis Sci. 2015 Apr;60(4):1016-23 PMID: 25822037
New pharmacological treatment options for irritable bowel syndrome with constipation.
2015    Nusrat S, Miner PB Jr
Expert Opin Emerg Drugs. 2015;20(4):625-36. Review PMID: 26548544
Recurrent pancreatitis in a patient with choledochal cyst and anomalous pancreaticobiliary junction.
2015    Nusrat S, Maple JT
Am J Gastroenterol. 2015 Aug;110(8):1141. PMID: 26263355
Low-FODMAP Diet for Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Is It Ready for Prime Time?
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Mystery of hepatitis e virus: recent advances in its diagnosis and management.
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Assessment of sexual function among inflammatory bowel disease patients.
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Am J Gastroenterol. 2015 Apr;110(4):601-3. PMID: 25853205
Erratum to: The Impact of Chronic Opioid Use on Colonoscopy Outcomes.
2015    Nusrat S, Mahmood S, Bitar H, Tierney WM, Bielefeldt K, Madhoun MF
Dig Dis Sci. 2015 Sep;60(9):2850. PMID: 25986520
Cholecystectomy for biliary dyskinesia in gastroparesis: mimic or misfortune?
2014    Nusrat S, Mahmood S, Kastens D, Bielefeldt K
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Cirrhosis and its complications: evidence based treatment.
2014    Nusrat S, Khan MS, Fazili J, Madhoun MF
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2014    Nusrat S, Miner PB Jr
Gastrointest Endosc Clin N Am. 2014 Oct;24(4):619-32. PMID: 25216907