Yusuke Takahashi

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Yusuke Takahashi


Takahashi, Yusuke (HSC)
Instructor of Research

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College Of Medicine/Medicine - Endocrinology -Instructor of Research

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Tohoku University, Miyagi, JAPAN   PhD   2000

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Selected Publications:

Therapeutic Potential of a Monoclonal Antibody Blocking the Wnt Pathway in Diabetic Retinopathy.
2012    Lee K, Hu Y, Ding L, Chen Y, Takahashi Y, Mott R, Ma JX., Therapeutic Potential of a Monoclonal
Diabetes, 2012, Aug13 [E-pub].
Implication of dysregulation of the canonical wingless-type MMTV integration site (WNT) pathway in diabetic nephropathy.
2012    Zhou T, He X, Cheng R, Zhang B, Zhang RR, Chen Y, Takahashi Y, Murray AR, Lee K, Gao G, Ma JX.
Diabetologia, 2012, 55, 255-266
Identification of the key residues determining the product specificity of isomerohydrolase.
2012    Yusuke Takahashi, Gennadiy Moiseyev, Olga Nikolaeva, and Jian-xing Ma.
Biochemistry, 2012, 51, 4217-4225
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