Robert C Welliver, Sr.

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Robert C Welliver, Sr.


Welliver, Robert C (HSC)

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College Of Medicine/Peds - Infectious Diseases -Professor of Pediatrics and Section Chief

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University of Florida College of Medicine, Jacksonville    

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My professional goals include understanding how patients become ill with respiratory syncytial virus and influenza virus, which are the most important respiratory pathogens of early life, and for which there is neither a satisfactory means of prevention nor an effective, specific form of treatment. We are studying these infections in in vivo and ex vivo models, evaluating the role of lipoxins and leukotrienes in causing clinical illness. Our larger goal is the development of vaccines and antiviral agents in in vivo models that develop disease closely resembling that seen in human infants.


Department of Pediatrics

Research Projects:

Selected Publications:

Effect of enhanced ultraviolet germicidal irradiation in the heating ventilation and air conditioning system on ventilator-associated pneumonia in a neonatal intensive care unit.
2011    Ryan RM, Wilding GE, Wynn RJ, Welliver RC, Holm BA, Leach CL
Journal of Perinatology 31, 607¿614
Immunogenicity of Trivalent Influenza Vaccine in Extremely-Low-Birth-Weight, Premature versus Term Infants.
2011    3. D¿Angio CT, Heyne RJ, Duara S, Holmes LC, O¿Shea TM, Wang H, Wang D, Sanchez PJ, Welliver RC Sr, Ryan RM, Schnabel KC, Hall CB
Pediatr Infect Dis J.;30(7):570-574
Motavizumab for respiratory syncytial virus prophylaxis of high risk children: a noninferiority trial.
2010    Carbonell X, Simoes EAF, Dagan R, Hall CB for the Motavizumab Study Group
Pediatrics 125:e35-e51
Respiratory syncytial virus (types A and B) in biennial circulation in Zagreb region.
   Mlinaric-Galinovic G, Tabain I, Vojnovic G, Kukovec T, Bozikov, Jadranka; Cepin-Bogovic, Jasna; Ivkovic-Jurekovic Irena, Knezovic I, Te¿ovi¿ G, Welliver RC Sr
Pediatrics International. Vol.54, No.3
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bronchiolitis, influenza,