Marianne Matzo

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Marianne Matzo


Matzo, Marianne (HSC)
Professor and Frances E. and A. Earl Ziegler Chair in Palliative Care Nursing

Department of:

College of Nursing/Center for Nursing Research -Frances E. and A. Earl Ziegler Chair in Palliative Care Nursing, Professor

Center of:


Worcester State College, Worcester, MA   BSN   1982
University of Lowell, Lowell, MA   MS, Gerontological Nursing   1985
University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA   MS, Gerontology   1994
University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA   PhD, Gerontology   1996

Professional Interest/Expertise/Specializations:
Palliative care; sexual health issues in hospice and palliative care; dyspnea management in late stage disease


The Sooner Palliative Care Institute

Research Projects:

Oklahoma Geriatric Education Center: Evidence-based Education; Geriatric Education Centers (GEC) Grant Program
Pilot Study to Explore Effectiveness of Luvena to Manage Vaginal Health Side Effects for Women with Ovarian Cancer, Laclede, Inc., Seed Grant, 9/1/12-10/1/13

Selected Publications:

Allocation of scarce resources after a nuclear detonation: Setting the context. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, 5 (Suppl 1): S20-31
   Knebel, A.R., Coleman, C.N., Cliffer, K.D., Murrain-Hill, P., McNally, R., Oancea, V., Jacobs, J., Buddemeier, B., Hick, J.L., WEinstock, D.M., Hrdina, C.M., Taylor, T., Matzo, M., Bader, J.L., Livinski, A.A., Parker, G., & Yeskey, K.

Fatigue and weakness evaluation and management. In M. Matzo and D. Sherman 3rd Edition (Ed.). Palliative Care Nursing Education: Toward Quality Care at the End of Life, pp. 489-522
   Matzo, M., Smith, P.R., & Herman, D.W.
Springer Publishing Company, New York
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