David M. Thompson

Contact Information:
David M. Thompson


Thompson, David M. (HSC) - Faculty

Department of:

College of Public Health/Dept. of Biostatistics & Epid -Associate Professor

Center of:

Biostatistics and Epidemiology Research Design and Analysis Center -Associate Director


Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey   B.A. History   1974
University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii   M.Ed. Educational Foundations   1981
University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK   B.S. Physical Therapy   1984
University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK   M.S. Biostatistics   1999
University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK   Ph.D. Biostatistics   2003

Professional Interest/Expertise/Specializations:
Biostatistics, outcomes research, longitudinal data analysis, evidence based health care, clinical epidemiology


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Research Projects:

Communication Intervention for Adolescent Immunizations: Cluster Randomized Trial
National PRAMS Data: Prevalence and Risk Factors for Postpartum Depression

Selected Publications:

Reasons for Not Vaccinating Adolescents: National Immunization Survey of Teens, 2008-2010.
2013    Darden PM, Thompson DM, Roberts D, Hale JJ, Pope C, Naifeh M, Jacobson R.
Pediatrics. 2013 Apr;131(4):645-51.
PMID: 23509163
Arterial compliance is increased in children with type 2 diabetes compared with normal weight peers but not obese peers.
2013    Tryggestad JB, Thompson DM, Copeland KC, Short KR
Pediatr Diabetes. 2013 Jun;14(4):259-66
PMID: 23458165
Intra-Class Correlation Coefficients Typical of Cluster-Randomized Studies: Estimates from the Robert Wood Johnson Prescription for Health Projects
2012    Thompson DM, Fernald DH, Mold JW
Annals of Family Medicine 2012;10:235-240
PMID: 22585888
Ross operation: 16-year experience
2008    Elkins RC, Thompson DM, Lane MM, Elkins CC, Peyton MD.
Journal of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery. 136(3):623-630
PMID: 18805263
Professional judgment and the interpretation of viable mold air sampling data.
2008    Johnson DL, Thompson DM, Clinkenbeard RL, Redus J
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 5, 656-663
PMID: 18668405
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