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William Reiner


Reiner, William (HSC)

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College Of Medicine/Urology -Professor, Pediatric Urology

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University of California, San Diego   BA  
University of California, Irvine   MD  
University of California, Irvine   Residency  
The Johns Hopkins University Hospital   Residency  

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Dr. Reiner¿s research interests span the areas of child development in children and adolescents with classical bladder exstrophy, cloacal exstrophy, hypospadias, absence of female or male genitals, and other major pediatric genital birth defects. Developmental areas of interest in these children include the key aspects of psychosocial development, but also health-related Quality of Life outcomes. These children also may have errors of gonad development or endocrinological errors of hormone production or effects. Thus, psychosocial child development necessarily must emphasize psychosexual developmental research in these children and adolescents. Specific topics of research interest include: Gender Identity (the sense of maleness or the sense of femaleness as the child develops) The impact of genital function and appearance on the child¿s development as well as on their parents Urinary incontinence and function and the impact on the child¿s development and parents Anxiety about peer and social relations, sexual development, and romantic relationships How surgeries on the genitals and urinary tract affects the child¿s development and parent-effectiveness. What¿s on the Horizon? Looking ahead, Dr. Reiner and OU Children¿s Physicians Pediatric Urology is committed to improving care for all children and adolescents with: 1. Classical Bladder Exstrophy and Cloacal Exstrophy 2. Intersex-Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) 3. Spina Bifida and Urinary Incontinence 4. Hypospadias and absence of the male or female genitals


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Improving Outcomes in DSD

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