Danny N Dhanasekaran

Contact Information:
Danny N Dhanasekaran


Dhanasekaran, Danny N. (HSC)

Department of:

College Of Medicine/Cell Biology -Professor

Center of:

Peggy & Charles Stephenson Oklahoma Cancer Center -


Indian Institute of Science Bangalore   PhD  

Professional Interest/Expertise/Specializations:
My research is focused on defining the aberrant signaling mechanism underlying tumorigenesis, tumor progression, metastasis, and pathway-based therapeutic target identification. Specifically, our research involves understanding the mechanisms by which G protein coupled receptors and their cognate G proteins promotes tumorigenesis and tumor progression in a variety of cancers. The laboratory's major contributions include the characterization of the ¿-subunits of G proteins G12 and G13 as gep oncogenes and their signaling pathways involving small GTPases and several kinases. The long-term goal of our laboratory is to define the aberrant signaling pathways in different cancers so that novel prognostic, diagnostic, and therapeutic targets can be identified.


Research Projects:

Selected Publications:

Endothelial nitric oxide synthase inhibits G12/13 and rho-kinase activated by the angiotensin II type-1 receptor: implication in vascular migration.
2009    Suzuki H, Kimura K, Shirai H, Eguchi K, Higuchi S, Hinoki A, Ishimaru K, Brailoiu E, Dhanasekaran DN, Stemmle LN, Fields TA, Frank GD, Autieri MV, Eguchi S.
Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol
Phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (PMA) responsive sequence in Galphaq promoter during megakaryocytic differentiation. Regulation by EGR-1 and MAP kinase pathway.
2008    Jalagadugula G, Dhanasekaran DN, Rao AK
Thromb Haemost
JNK signaling in apoptosis.
2008    Dhanasekaran D.N. and Reddy E.P.
Chemical sensing of DNT by engineered olfactory yeast strain.
2007    Radhika, V., Proikas-Cezanne, T., Jayaraman, M., Onesime, D., Ha, J.H, and Dhanasekaran, D.N.
Nature Chem. Biol.