Lawrence I Rothblum

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Lawrence I Rothblum


Rothblum, Lawrence I. (HSC)
Professor and Chairman

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College Of Medicine/Cell Biology -Professor and Chairman

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The Hahnemann Medical College   PhD  

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Up to 85% of all transcription in cancerous and other rapidly growing cells is for ribosome elaboration. Indeed, progression to cancerous growth requires misregulation of rRNA transcription. Numerous tumor suppressors (retinoblastoma protein, p53, p300, CBP) contribute to the regulation of rRNA expression, and many known tumor promoting viruses (human papilloma virus, the cause of most uterine cancers, SV40) disrupt this regulation. Controlling rRNA transcription controls cellular growth rate. We are studying initiation and regulation of the polymerase I transcribed ribosomal genes, with an emphasis on the fundamental mechanisms of each stage of the process. Our long term aim is to develop therapies targeting the most fundamental step in neoplasia


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Selected Publications:

UBF levels determine the number of active ribosomal RNA genes in mammals.
2008    Sanij E, Poortinga G, Sharkey K, Hung S, Holloway TP, Quin J, Robb E, Wong LH, Thomas WG, Stefanovsky V, Moss T, Rothblum L, Hannan KM, McArthur GA, Pearson RB, Hannan RD
J Cell Biol
Mammalian Rrn3 is required for the formation of a transcription competent preinitiation complex containing RNA polymerase I.
2008    Cavanaugh AH, Evans A, Rothblum LI
Gene Expr.
Growth factor signaling regulates elongation of RNA polymerase I transcription in mammals via UBF phosphorylation and r-chromatin remodeling.
2006    Stefanovsky V, Langlois F, Gagnon-Kugler T, Rothblum LI, and Moss T
Mol. Cell