Tomoko Obara

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Tomoko Obara


Obara, Tomoko (HSC)
Assistant Professor

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College Of Medicine/Cell Biology -Assistant Professor

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Tokyo University   PhD  

Professional Interest/Expertise/Specializations:
The long-term interests of my laboratory are to investigate kidney and heart development in zebrafish and medaka with the aim to use them as model organisms for human diseases. Over the years, non-mammalian model organisms such as zebrafish and the medaka fish have provided important new insights in understanding of the cellular pathology of many human diseases and have changed how we e.g. view epithelial cell differentiation and signaling pathway during the embryonic development.


Research Projects:

Selected Publications:

Nde1-mediated inhibition of ciliogenesis affects cell cycle re-entry.
2011    Kim, J., Zaghloul, N. A., Bubenshchikova, E., Oh, E. C., Rankin, S., Katsanis, N., Obara, T., Tsiokas, L.
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A novel polycystin-2 dimerization domain essential for polycystin-1 recognition and function of polycystin complexes.
2010    Giamarchi, A., Feng, S., Rodat-Despoix, L., Xu, Y., Bubenshchikova, E., Newby, L. J., Williamson, M. P., Hao, J., Crest, M., Honore, E., Williamson, M. P., Obara, T., Ong, A. C. M., Delmas, P.
Identification and functional characterisation of an N-terminal domain for polycystin-2.
2008    Feng, S., Okenka, G. M., Bai, C-X., Streets, A. J., Newby, L. J., DeChant, B. T., Tsiokas, L., Obara, T., Ong, A. C. M.
J Biol Chem
The zebrafish fleer gene encodes an essential regulator of cilia tubulin polyglutamylation.
2007    Pathak, N., Obara, T., Mangos, S., Liu, Y. Drummond I.
Mol Biol Cell
Polycystin-2 immunolocalization and function in zebrafish.
2006    Obara, T., Mangos, S., Zhao, J., Liu, A., Wiessner, S., Kramer-Zucker, A. G., Olae, F., Shier, A. F. & Drummond, I. A.
J. Am. Soc. Nephrol