Nancy Halliday

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Nancy Halliday


Halliday, Nancy (HSC)
Associate Professor

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College Of Medicine/Cell Biology -Associate Professor

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University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center   PhD  

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Gelatinase A activation is regulated by the organization of the polymerized actin cytoskeleton.
1997    Tomasek, J.J., Halliday, N.L., Updike, D.L., Ahern-Moore, J.S., Vu, T.H., Liu, R.W., and E.W. Howard.
J. Biol. Chem.
Mechanical properties of the extracellular matrix influence fibronectin fibril assembly in vitro.
1995    Halliday, N.L., and Tomasek, J.J.
Exp. Cell Res.
Distribution of ED-A and ED-B containing fibronectin isoforms in Dupuytren's disease.
1994    Halliday, N.L., Rayan, G.M., Zardi, L., and Tomasek, J.J.
J. Hand Surg.
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